Day three of the Canal Street Festival – and still going strong! Today’s programme includes BarneStreet, Arendal Sessions, UnderStreet and the two international headliners of Suzanne Vega and Beth Hart, to mention a few…

Arendal Sessions starts at 11 am at Clarion Tyholmen Hotel. Today Shri Sriram and Paolo Vinaccia invites to a musical workshop. From 5 pm Arendal Sessions invites to «Meet the artisit», where you’ll get the chance to hear Chili Vanilla

To entertain the young kids the «BarneStreet» crew invites to various activities, theather and mucial experiences at Kanalplassen from 11 am and onwards.

Canal Street invites all to a «Jazzbrunch» with «Susie & The Spuds» at Poppes Plass at 1 pm

UnderStreet will be hosted at the small cafe at Tyholmen called «No 9» from 2 pm onwards. Playing today at the UnderStreet stage are «Ruben Pettersen», «Pjoff», «Rebekka Falck», «Klepp» and «Mañana Mango».

At 3 pm Canal Street invites to a «Jazzpicninc» with «Magnolia Jazzband» at the Galtesund Island of «Lille Skottholmen», between Tromøy and Hisøy. There will be transportation by ferry from Tyholmen.

Today’s biggest headliners and main concert will be at «Sam Eyde’s Plass» and starts at 5.30.. Playing this evening are the local band «Klepp», Hedvig Mollestad, Suzanne Vega and Beth Hart.

«Night Sessions» starts at 11 pm at Clarion Tyholmen Hotel and finishes late 🙂

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